Apulia, Italia


Enveloping aromas of ripened black fruits such as blackberries and plums, with hints of black fruit jam. Soft aroma of ink, liquorice and warm hints of cinnamon.


A very pleasant, warm and enveloping entry on the palate, followed by a slight tannic note and medium acidity. Mild bitterness that leaves the mouth a little dry, and with a very good persistence. It has a good correspondence between smell and taste.

0,75 lit


6 uds.

18 - 20 ° C

Gastronomic Affinity

  • With first courses such as Orecchiette pasta with tomato sauce and ricotta cheese.
  • Red meat dishes in general.
  • Lamb and other grilled meats.
  • Curry dishes and excellent with strong flavor condiments.
  • Medium-aged cheeses and cold cuts.