Grand Rosé Brut

Treviso, Italia


All the complexity of Pinot Noir elegantly presented when entering the nose, with the subtle characteristic that the Raboso structure gives, emphasizing power to the perfume underlining the memories of the small red fruits of the forest, strawberries and ripe cherries.


An immediate sensation of freshness, characteristic of the Stelle & Fortuna ICE, perfectly balanced, treasuring the style of the Grand Rose that is presented fruity, powerful and persistent. Intense flavor of strawberries and ripe cherries, the aftertaste reverberates the delicious memory of the fruits of the forest. A marvel of modern winemaking, preserving the values of the great artisan winemakers of the historic Veneto region.

0,75 lit

85% Pinot Noir & 15% Raboso

6 uds.

6 - 8 ° C