Prosecco D.O.C. Rosé Brut

Treviso, Italia


Complex but surprisingly pleasant, unquestionably floreal, with memories of the small red fruits of the forest.


The palate is dry, astringent but delicately velvety, fresh, fruity, with various sensations of red strawberries that make it wonderful and absolutely refined. It is a foaming structured in the body, coming from the fruit of the Pinot Nero grape vinified in rosé.

0,75 lit

Pinot Noir

6 uds.

8 - 10 ° C

Gastronomic Affinity

Wonderful to continue with cold dishes such as:


  • Cold cuts, white meats, carpaccio.
  • Salmon, terrines, creams and foie gras.
  • Fish and even multi-sapid Japanese food.
  • Dark chocolate, flour and pound cakes, meringues and wild fruits.
  • Strong, creamy, blue and even truffled cheeses.