Moscato Dry

Treviso, Italia


The aroma is wonderful and denotes the complexity of the maturation of this refined and unmistakable grape. Attractive, with hints of citrus; peach; rose and rose apple The depth of this aromatic spectrum makes Moscato Dry, by Stelle & Fortuna, the perfect interpretation of a classic of Italian wine culture.


On the palate it is sweet, fresh, wonderful. Reminiscent of white flowers, strong fruits and light touches of citrus fruits. The sensations of sweetness, acidity and saltiness are very balanced, a characteristic of the winemakers at Stelle & Fortuna. The retro olfactory correspondence with the perfume is perfect on the palate.

0,75 lit


6 uds.

8 - 10 ° C

Gastronomic Affinity

  • Spectacular with desserts and all kinds of elaborate pastries.
  • Chocolate cakes.
  • Ice cream and cream go.
  • Wonderfully with Asian food in all its diversities.