Prosecco D.O.C. Extra Dry

Treviso, Italia


Extraordinarily pleasant, light, delicate and persistent, fruity, with the characteristic perfume of the golden green apple, enriched in a wonderful way with the sensations of acacia and glycine, as well as spring flowers.


It is an absolutely friendly wine, characteristic of Extra Dry D.O.C., which feels marvelously velvety, fresh, fruity and powerful, brisk; possessor of a very fine and characteristic perlage, with body, harmonic, possessor of an optimal acidity and alcohol relationship, it also optimizes its taste persistence, with a fresh but overwhelming aftertaste. A young Sparkling wine made to be drinked fully.

0,75 lit


6 uds.

8 - 10 ° C

Gastronomic Affinity

  • White meats
  • Raw
  • Pasta alle vongole
  • Mixed fries
  • Typical Venetian polenta.
  • Strong Italian or French cheeses