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Stelle & Fortuna is an exclusive master artisans winery based in Treviso, with vineyards estates around the most important Regions of Italy. It’s also a Founder Member of the Small Luxury Wineries of The World association. Recognized worldwide for an outstanding quality and affordable wines, Stelle & Fortuna represents the aristocracy of the Veneto Region’s winemaking.

Our 8 Exclusive Vineyards

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Founded in 1939 Stelle & Fortuna remained as a private winery by appointment only until 2018 when it starts to commercialize their outstanding Prosecco D.O.C. and their fabulous Sparkling Rose Brut, into the Italian market receiving an incredible acceptation. Produced by a Wineries Artisans Cooperative, Stelle & Fortuna wines are developed together with the most qualified team as well as supervised by the Artisans Cooperative procedures, keeping the handcraft method 100% during the harvest, selection and winemaking process, making each wine an unique product, an European artisan masterpiece very difficult to find in our modern days.

At the same time, Stelle & Fortuna has its own production in the fabulous vineyards of Montepulciano D’Abruzzo, Puglia, Sicilia, Avola, and the acclaimed Valpolicella, from where, under limited international marketing, it covers the different categories of the world market for still wines, promoting the easy drinking way of life.

Today, Stelle & Fortuna maintains a limited bottle production by year, always acclaimed and respected by connoisseurs and loyal costumers worldwide.

Stelle & Fortuna has been created as a homage to wine artisans workers in the World.

Our History


Founded as a private family owned cellar


Acquisition of 4 new vineyards


Acquisition of 2 new vineyards


First commercial trades to private enotheques


Acquisition of last vineyard


All 8 vineyards merge as Stelle & Fortuna company brand ® as supplier of Private Customers by appointment only


Open commercial sales to selected Wine Stores & Restaurateur Clients


Best Value qualification, 92 and 91 points at International Sparkling Wines Competition. Start overseas distribution


Sparkling Quarantine!


Presenting the all new 9 Series and Nerorosso Series

Who we are?

We are a group of winelife partners dedicated to produce one the most affordable and sumptuous Prosecco DOC and Spumanti from the historic Veneto Region’s vineyards, as well as the most astounding red and white wines from our own vineyards estates in Abruzzo, Puglia, Avola, Sicilia and Valpolicella; supervising every step from the astonishing harvest and selection of the grapes, as well as the wine production, portfolio design, and our limited trade with the local and foreign markets. We work every day to keep our loyal consumers gratified with our delightful sparkling wines. We believe we are Dreamers.